Easy Tips for a Healthy Heart - Dueep J. Singh

Easy Tips for a Healthy Heart

By Dueep J. Singh

  • Release Date: 2015-01-03
  • Genre: Health, Mind & Body


Easy Tips for a Healthy Heart

Table of Contents
Prevention of Heart Disease
What Is Cholesterol?
Cholesterol Rich Diet
Is a Zero Fat Diet Beneficial?
High Blood Pressure
Diabetes and Coronary Blockages
Obesity – Leading to Heart Problems
Dieting to Reduce Obesity
Medical Tests
Reversing Heart Disease
Rational Treatment Regime
How Much Physical Activity Do You Need to Do?
Your Dietary Habits
Yoga and Meditation
What is Yoga?
How to Practice Yoga
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Did you know that about 26.6 million people in the USA alone are suffering from heart disease? Multiply this many times, and you are going to find that heart ailments are one of the most potentially fatal diseases, all over the globe known to mankind.

In ancient times, heart diseases were normally treated with superstitious awe. The terrible pain of a heart attack was considered to be a punishment from the gods who sent pain and split a heart and killed the wicked person. As people grew more and more sophisticated and knowledgeable, doctors began to look for ways and means in which they go to alleviate the problems of people suffering from heart disease.

Some of the remedies, especially remedies using digitalis – foxglove – could only be used by experienced wise men. Foxglove, when taken in large quantities was definitely poisonous. On the other hand, in very small quantities, it stimulated the heart, in the shape of an extract called digoxin. The use of this extract to help treat heart diseases was supposedly “discovered” in 2012 by researchers.

What they did not tell the general public was that alternative medicine practitioners all over the world have been using foxglove to treat heart diseases down the centuries. But then they knew their public. This news had to be told with lots of fanfare, publicity and statistics that a natural plant extract could help treat heart diseases before people would subject themselves to treatment by it.

This book is going to give you a lot of time-tested tips to help keep your heart healthy. All of them are common sense tips and most of them have a scientific basis.

They do not come under the alternative medicine category, because they talk about diet, stress management, exercise, and other ways in which you can keep your heart healthy. And all these factors are definitely going to be told to you by your own doctor, when you go for your normal medical checkup every three months or so.