A Beginner's Guide to Forest Survival - Dueep J. Singh

A Beginner's Guide to Forest Survival

By Dueep J. Singh

  • Release Date: 2015-01-04
  • Genre: Outdoors


A Beginner’s Guide to Forest Survival

Table of Contents
Quo Vadis?
Finding the Direction without A Compass
Finding Your Direction at Night
Survival gear
Communication Means
STOP acronym for Survival
Learn How to Read Directions
Why Staying Put Is Best?
Building a Fire
Signaling Your Position
Proper Inspection and scouting Of Your Area
Finding the Nearest Water Source
Recognizing Edible Plants in Your Area
Insects as Possible Food Sources
Catching Grasshoppers
Making Fish Traps
Trapping Food
Extremely easy Hopi bird snare
Making Slipknots
Making Slingshots
Creating a Shelter
Best Location for Shelter
Debris Huts
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A large percentage of us may never ever get the opportunity of just wandering off into the woods, and getting lost, because we are basically city persons, and there is no picture of our ever exploring in the wilderness.

Nevertheless, for all of us others who spend plenty of time going on hikes into the wilderness, wilderness survival techniques should be part of our nature survival training. That is because the difference between knowledge and ignorance can make all the difference between survival and possible death.