Staying Healthy Tips, Techniques and Diet Suggestions for Heart Patients - Dueep J. Singh

Staying Healthy Tips, Techniques and Diet Suggestions for Heart Patients

By Dueep J. Singh

  • Release Date: 2015-01-01
  • Genre: Health, Mind & Body


Staying Healthy Tips, Techniques and Diet Suggestions for Heart Patients

Table of Contents
Why Do so Many People Suffer from Heart Disease?
Some “Hearty” Information
What Is Heart Disease
Angina Pectoris
Heart Attack Symptoms
When Can Heart Attacks Occur?
Controllable and Uncontrollable Risk Factors
Best Diet
A Totally No – Oil Diet
Fish Oil In Your Diet
Lowering Your Triglyceride Level
Oatmeal As a Healthy Cereal
White Bread or Brown?
What about Soybean?
How to Make Sprouts
What, No Meat?
What about Tomatoes?
Author Bio


One of the main reasons why I decided to write this book is because while doing research on heart ailments and natural ways in which to keep healthy, I found out some terrible statistics, which are not going to be told to you by your friendly neighborhood cardiologist.

Did you know that about 24.1 million people in the USA, alone suffer from heart disease? I thought that that was a terrible number, till I found that the statistics of Asian countries like India [60 million!] and China statistics were even more.

One out of every four people in Tasmania suffered from heart disease, and high blood pressure. They hold the world record for the most number of people suffering from heart disease. That was surprising, because I was under the impression that this could possibly have been the prerogative of those European countries, like Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, where food eaten every day was still in Emperor sized helpings, especially in the form of smorgasbords and jumbo sized sandwiches.

But then here are some reasons why heart disease statistics in these particular countries is comparatively low. First of all, they have a very healthy genetic background. Next, they believe in lots of exercise and do not bother much about sedentary lifestyles. These people are fit and fine because they cycle to work.

On the other hand, many people were slowly and steadily developing heart diseases all over the world today do so because of bad diet. Also, a paucity of antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E in your diet, as well as an excess of cholesterol and triglycerides are definitely major contributing factors for possible heart disease.