Star Wars Omnibus A Long Time Ago… Vol. 2 - Mike W. Barr

Star Wars Omnibus A Long Time Ago… Vol. 2

By Mike W. Barr

  • Release Date: 2015-01-20
  • Genre: Graphic Novels


Collects Star Wars (1977) #28-49, Star Wars Annual (1979) #1. Farm boy Luke Skywalker dreamed of going to the stars, only to get more than he ever hoped for when he joined an old Jedi to rescue a princess, aided a galactic rebellion and singlehandedly destroyed deadliest super-weapon ever devised. But Luke's adventures in the film Star Wars: A New Hope were just the beginning. From July 1977 to 1986, Marvel Comics Group published monthly adventures in comics form, keeping alive the excitement and fun of Star Wars for a whole generation as they waited for the next chapter in the film series.