In Order to Live - Yeonmi Park & Maryanne Vollers

In Order to Live

By Yeonmi Park & Maryanne Vollers

  • Release Date: 2015-09-29
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 1,061 Ratings


“I am most grateful for two things: that I was born in North Korea, and that I escaped from North Korea.” - Yeonmi Park

"One of the most harrowing stories I have ever heard - and one of the most inspiring." - The Bookseller

“Park's remarkable and inspiring story shines a light on a country whose inhabitants live in misery beyond comprehension. Park's important memoir showcases the strength of the human spirit and one young woman's incredible determination to never be hungry again.” —Publishers Weekly

In In Order to Live, Yeonmi Park shines a light not just into the darkest corners of life in North Korea, describing the deprivation and deception she endured and which millions of North Korean people continue to endure to this day, but also onto her own most painful and difficult memories. She tells with bravery and dignity for the first time the story of how she and her mother were betrayed and sold into sexual slavery in China and forced to suffer terrible psychological and physical hardship before they finally made their way to Seoul, South Korea—and to freedom.

Park confronts her past with a startling resilience. In spite of everything, she has never stopped being proud of where she is from, and never stopped striving for a better life. Indeed, today she is a human rights activist working determinedly to bring attention to the oppression taking place in her home country. Park’s testimony is heartbreaking and unimaginable, but never without hope. This is the human spirit at its most indomitable.


  • Thankful

    It is amazing that another human’s story can make you feel such compassion and give you an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love for the life you have been given. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  • Amazing read

    By SJ Chris
    Enjoyed the book and learning about Yeonmi’s struggle for freedom from North Korea.. but the book ended so abruptly that I had to double check it was actually finished
  • powerful, eye-opening story

    By puglover2121
    incredible story of escape and hardship, and i learned so much about north korea along the way. best book i’ve read in a long time. she is so strong
  • Couldn’t put it down

    By Book and butter lover
    Incredible story makes you grateful to be born in America
  • Amazing young woman

    By Cabinet Company
    This young lady’s resilience and tenacity are astounding. It’s hard to imagine that our youth in America are slipping towards the type of government that she escaped. Bless Her.
  • Stranger than fiction

    By bluenotecafe
    Yeonmi’s plight to escape from one back situation to another is so incredible that Hollywood could write something this good, it made me cry 😢 I look forward to reading her next book which is to be released on Valentine’s Day.
  • Heartbreaking and breathtaking story

    By lulubigman
    The horrifying scenes depicted in this book was truly disheartening to imagine. Her story will reach millions of hearts and lift up many sinking souls. Thank you Yeonmi for the story even though by writing it down you had to relive through the unbearable pains. Hope humanity can reach the darkest corner in the world one day.
  • Beautiful

    By alinarenee
    Such an important story.
  • Incredible story

    By Katie b b b b b b b b
    Incredible story of a strong woman. Inspires me to do better. If anyone is going through hardships, spend some time on this quick and impactful read.
  • Why do I all of a sudden…

    Feel like I’ve taken a small trip to NK? Through Yeonmi’s writing, I now have a refined perspective on this world.