Introduction to Perennials and Bulbs - Dueep J. Singh

Introduction to Perennials and Bulbs

By Dueep J. Singh

  • Release Date: 2015-01-29
  • Genre: Gardening


Table of Contents

Bedding Plants
Propagation of Perennials
Sowing Seeds
Root Cuttings
Herbaceous Border Plants
Restocking your Herbaceous Garden
Planting Techniques
Tips for Perennials
Bulbs for Your Garden
Selecting the Right Bulbs
Planting Your Bulbs
Planting Hyacinth and Crocus Corms
Bulb Fiber – Tips
Other perennials are found wild if you go ramblin’ in the woods.Popular Perennials
Popular Perennials
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Why are perennial plants so popular in the garden? For a gardener, this is an affirmation that he is a serious gardener, and he intends to have so many plants growing in his garden, that it will never look bare and empty. The word perennial is of course not going to refer just to perennials with which you make your hedges or fill in your beds, but also to trees and shrubs.

So this book is going to tell you all about herbaceous perennials which live more than two years and grow up every year without much trouble. So you can consider them to be the gardener’s best friend.

You can buy all these attractive herbaceous perennials to suit all pockets and all tastes. You do not have to spend lots of dollars to get attractive plants for your garden. They are going to give you flowers of all colors. They can also be arranged in gardens to keep up the supply of Bloom from say early spring – April until October or late autumn.

Many of the perennials are capable of standing dry spells far better than annuals. On the whole, they are stronger and firmer than annuals, and biennials. Like annuals, they can be grown clearly for cutting or they can be planted in a border. This is normally known as an herbaceous border and soon they are going to be the most beautiful part of your garden.