The Science of Living: How to Nurture Discipline in Children - Colvin Tonya Nyakundi

The Science of Living: How to Nurture Discipline in Children

By Colvin Tonya Nyakundi

  • Release Date: 2015-01-30
  • Genre: Parenting


Table of Contents
Children and Peer Pressure
Mind What Your Kids Do When Idle
How Parents Influence Children’s Behavior
Having A Role Model and Mentor
Traits of DisciplinedChildren
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Disciplinecan be defined as the attribute or trait of being well behaved. A disciplined person is one whose behavior is generally accepted or approved by the society. In order to be categorized as a disciplined person, there are several things that you have to always do regardless of whether you’re alone or in public. There are also several things that you must never do if you’re interested in becoming a disciplined person. Discipline entails how you relate with other people, what you say to them and how you say it.

It is quite easy to gauge somebody’s manners just a few minutes after meeting him/her for the first time. Even if they try to hide it, they will eventually slip and reveal their true self. This means that regardless of how much you try to hide it, other people will eventually know if you’re disciplined or undisciplined. This principle applies to children as much as it applies to adults. Even if you coach your child how to behave when you have visitors, the child will eventually slip and reveal his true character. Rather than wait till your child matures, why not nurture discipline in him while he is still young?
Level of discipline will determine how successful your child will be in future. So as to be successful academically or in their careers, children have to be always disciplined. Discipline is also one of the core attributes insuccessful sportsmen and women. Therefore, if your child is dreaming of becoming a successful sportsman, you have to nurture discipline in them.

Nurturing discipline in a child also helps them stay out of trouble or jail. If you carefully analyze hardcore criminals, you will note that most of them were undisciplined while young. Your kid will never be employed or fully accepted in the society if he is indiscipline. Even if he gets employed in future, he will probably get fired as soon as he reveals bad behavior.

The book “How to Nurture Discipline in Children” contains, tips on how to nurture discipline in children. You need to read this book if you have children or are planning to have children in future. After reading it, you’ll know what to do and what not to do so as to nurture discipline in your kids. You’ll also know how to behave whenever you’re around your kids.

Enjoy reading the book “How to Nurture Discipline in Children!!!”