How to Get a Promotion at Work - Colvin Tonya Nyakundi

How to Get a Promotion at Work

By Colvin Tonya Nyakundi

  • Release Date: 2015-01-30
  • Genre: Reference


Table of Contents

Service Delivery
Team Player
Mind Your Timing and Language
Relationship with Colleagues
Acquire Knowledge in Your Field
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Have you ever wondered why some people climb the career ladder quite fast while others stagnate for a very long time? Have you been doing the same job for a number of months or years without a promotion or increase in salary? Have you been so frustrated that you’re thinking of quitting your job and trying your luck elsewhere?

There are two ways in which you can get a promotion. You can ask for it and then hope that your boss will give you the promotion. Alternatively, you can continue working hard and then hope that your boss will notice your effort and promote you automatically. Either way, a promotion is a promotion and comes with a new package and additional responsibilities.

Regardless of when you started working for your current employer, there are several things that you can do so as to increase the probability of getting a promotion. With a good strategy you can reach levels that you could never have imagined. So as to get promoted you have to convince your employer why they should give you additional responsibilities and increase your salary. You can do that by verbally asking for the promotion and convincing them why they should promote you. You can also do an exceptional job in your current capacity and then wait for the promotion.

The book “How to Get a Promotion at Work” is equipped with everything you need so as to start climbing the career ladder. After reading this book, you’ll know when and how to ask for a promotion from your boss. You’ll also know what you can do so as to increase chances of getting a promotion without asking for it. The book will guide you on how you should do your current job, how you should relate with your colleagues and what you should say whenever you’re at work.

Start moving up the career ladder by reading the book “How to Get a Promotion at Work.”