Introduction to Cherries: Growing Cherries - Dueep J. Singh

Introduction to Cherries: Growing Cherries

By Dueep J. Singh

  • Release Date: 2015-02-11
  • Genre: Gardening


Table of Contents

Introduction to Cherries
Growing Cherries
Choosing the Right Plants
Best Varieties of Cherries
Maintenance of Cherry Trees
Pruning Your Cherry Tree
Root pruning
Sour Cherries
Planting Sour Cherries
Feeding Sour Cherries
Pruning of Sour Cherries
Mulch cultivation
Rejuvenating Cherries
Diseases and Pests
Cherries in Cuisine
Two-Step Cherry Pudding
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The fruit we know as cherries is not a berry but a drupe or a fruit with a stone. Cherries basically started out as a wild Cherry in Central Asia, America and Europe. In Japanese myth and culture the cherry refer to cherry trees and cherry blossom.

Cherries have been a part of culinary history in ancient Rome where it was brought by Roman soldiers from Armenia in 72 BC. It came to England with Henry the VIIIth who tasted this fruit in Flanders and wanted it cultivated in England.
Cherries which you eat at the table or cooked are either sweet -Prunus avium- or sour -Prunus cerasus- in taste. The growing of cherries in large quantities for commercial purposes is a challenge because of their vulnerability to harsh elements and the high cost of spraying, irrigation , maintenance of trees and labor costs.