The Wendigo - Algernon Blackwood

The Wendigo

By Algernon Blackwood

  • Release Date: 2015-03-15
  • Genre: Horror


Wendigo is a demonic half-beast creature from the legends of the Algonquian people of Native American Indians. The creature can possess humans or it can be the creature which has transformed from a person. It is described as very haggard, gray and smells like an animal putrefying.
In this horror adventure tale we follow the expedition of a small hunting party through the northern wilderness of Canada.Dr. Cathcart, his nephew Mr. Simpson with their guides Hank Davis and Joseph Défago, and their Indian cook, Punk go on a moose hunting expedition deep into the wilderness of northern Canada. During their journey they split on two groups, in pairs, in order to cover more ground. Dr. Cathcart goes with Hank and his nephew Mr. Simpson goes with Joseph. As deeper they go into the forest, the more they think about the creature rumored to exist. The things become interesting when Joseph disappears.
Wendigo is a story about the unknown and the human obsession of the unknown. It is an adventure that takes us in the forests in Canada, exploring the fear that dwells in that part of the country.