Rose Gardner Mystery Box Set #2 - Denise Grover Swank

Rose Gardner Mystery Box Set #2

By Denise Grover Swank

  • Release Date: 2015-03-20
  • Genre: Women Sleuths
Score: 4.5
From 80 Ratings


Box set of the second Rose Gardner Mystery trilogy, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling series by Denise Grover Swank.

The box set includes:
THIRTY-ONE AND A HALF REGRETS (#4) When Daniel Crocker escapes from prison, he has one thing in mind: revenge. Mason Deveraux, Fenton County ADA is determined to protect Rose, at any cost.

THIRTY-TWO AND A HALF COMPLICATIONS (#5) Rose's nursery is about to fold after a huge cash deposit is stolen in a bank robbery. When the investigation by Joe, her ex-boyfriend and new chief deputy sheriff, hits a dead end, Rose decides to take matters into her own hands. 

PICKING UP THE PIECES (novella #5.5) Rose is reeling from news from Joe's ex-girlfriend, she's busy putting her business back together while dealing with the fallout from the Lady in Black. ncludes POVs from Joe, Mason, Violet, and Bruce Wayne.

THIRTY-THREE AND A HALF SHENANIGANS (#6) When Neely Kate's cousin goes missing, she convinces Rose to help find her. In the meantime, Rose is dealing with her agreement with the new Fenton County crime lord, all while keeping it from her ADA boyfriend. 

While each book can be read as a standalone, it is recommended that you read the first three Rose Gardner Mysteries before beginning the second box set. 


  • A must Read series

    By bengalfan78
    This is one of the best series out there! This box sets continues Rose's life journey that was started in Box Set #1. Each book sees Rose get into trouble, but it is this trouble that slowly but surely changes her life. Each issue and problem leads her to discovering who she is and what she really wants out of life. You will have enjoy watching Rose navigate the minefield that is her love life. You will enjoy the blossoming friendship she has with Neely Kate and you will love as Rose collects more and more outcast and misfits to add to her ever growing family. This is a great series and one that is not to be missed.
  • Awesome Series! A must read!!

    By goofysandra
    My all time favorite series!! I can't get enough of Rose!!! This series will draw you in from book one and keep you turning the page until your caught up with the series. Then you will be in withdrawal waiting for the next book to be released. The series is humorous, heartwarming and emotional. Denise is an excellent writer and has a way of have making the characters real to you. You will obsess over this series, trust me I know from experience. I highly recommend her books to everyone. Make sure you start with book one in the series "Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes".
  • best mystery series I've read in a long time!

    By firehawkrace
    I absolutely love these books! I've read all of them within a course of a month. I read them at work when I shouldn't have but omg amazing! very talented author. amazing amazing amazing
  • In love with this series

    By Skypie41484
    She is an incredible author and I am completely indulged in her characters. TeamJoe. ❤️💍
  • Great Collection!

    By JWReinhold
    Fantastic collection of books about our Rose! Denise brings these books together for us to enjoy!
  • Buy this now!!!

    By Bendyk79
    Have read each book individually. Absolutely love this series!! Perfect mystery series. Has enough comedic element to it to make you literally laugh out loud. You get so involved with each and every character. You can't help but fall in love with these books.
  • Team Rose Forever!!!

    By Jamieelizabeth77
    It doesn't get better than a Denise Grover Swank collection! Whether you're new to the Rose Gardner Mystery series (quick, make sure you download volume 1), or you're buying the collections to complete your DGS e-book collection, this collection is full of Rose on an epic level! Thirty-One and a Half Regrets brings David Crocker back into Rose's life determined to finish what he started. Mason is determined to protect her no matter the costs - even if it means going on the run. Thirty-Two and a Half Complications finds Rose's new nursery in danger of being shut down before it has the chance to truly become an integral part of the community when her cash deposit is stolen in a bank robbery. Skeeter has another plan for her, though, so enter The Lady In Black! Picking Up the Pieces reminds us that Denise Grover Swank writes a novella like no other! The way it gives backstory that we might not otherwise know is always amazing. Rose is left to process the news that Hilary is pregnant with Joe's baby while attempting to keep her new identity as The Lady in Black secret. Thirty-Three and a Half Shenanigans heats up Rose's job moonlighting as The Lady in Black while trying to help track down Neely Kate's cousin, Dolly Parton. The secrets unfolding only prove that the crime in Fenton County runs deep and wide! The level Denise takes this series to is nothing short of miraculous. Rose has come so far from the mousey, insecure young woman she was in Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes. The more trouble that finds her, the more she realizes she's made of sterner material than she ever thought possible. Rose is, and always will be, a special character in my heart. If you've never read Rose Gardner, get busy and download Volume 1 and Volume 2 so you can see why so many others are in love with this sassy Arkansas girl!