Claude Monet: Masterpieces in Colour - Maria Tsaneva

Claude Monet: Masterpieces in Colour

By Maria Tsaneva

  • Release Date: 2015-03-20
  • Genre: Art & Architecture


Claude Monet was an important figure in the Impressionism that changed painting in the end of the 19 century. During his livelihood, he constantly painted the landscape and leisure time behavior of Parisians and its surrounding area in addition to the Normandy coast. He traces the approach to 20-century modernism by mounting a distinctive method that strove to imprison on canvas the extremely act of perceiving nature. Follow in the pathway of the Barbizon, Monet accepted and widened their dedication to close up observation and naturalistic depiction. While the Barbizon artists painted only brief sketches en plein air, Monet frequently worked openly on significant canvases outdoors, then reworked and finished them in his studio. His pursuit to capture nature more precisely also provoked him to reject European conventions leading composition, color, and perspective. He brought a vibrant vividness to his paintings by unmediated colors, adding a variety of tones to his shadows, and preparing canvases with pale primers as a replacement for of the shady grounds used in conventional landscape paintings.