The Last Man - Mary Shelley

The Last Man

By Mary Shelley

  • Release Date: 2015-03-24
  • Genre: Science Fiction


“The day passed thus; each moment contained eternity; although when hour after hour had gone by, I wondered at the quick flight of time. Yet even now I had not drunk the bitter potion to the dregs; I was not yet persuaded of my loss; I did not yet feel in every pulsation, in every nerve, in every thought, that I remained alone of my race,—that I was the LAST MAN.”
Imagine that something happens in the world, leaving it empty, leaving nothing behind. Imagine that all the people on the planet, everyone you knew, disappear. Only you, the sky and the ground.
What would you do if you were the last man on the earth?
This apocalyptic, science fiction book by Mary Shelley, tells a story of a future world, in which mankind has died, leaving behind only one man. But this book is more than just a science fiction. It is about the feeling of solitude, desperation, the feeling of selfness, love and passion, following the lonely life of the main character and his three companions. It is an adventure which makes you wonder about life, universe, future and the relativity of everything. Nothing is eternal – one day you are here, the next day you may be gone.
Vividly describing in details every single thing that happens in the book, Shelly drags the readers in the book, enabling them to feel as if they are at that time, with the characters, living the future.
Now, let’s enter the dark, chaotical world and witness the death of the nations and the end of the world.