Echoes Of Solomon - James Campbell

Echoes Of Solomon

By James Campbell

  • Release Date: 2015-03-31
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs


ECHOES OF SOLOMON is a story of a man who is well educated by Solomon’s wisdom. The only man who has read the book of Solomon given to him by one of God’s handpicked angels; an angel who was assigned to watch over him, and to protect him from the many dangerous situations that he would encounter during his lifetime. James Campbell believes that God chose him as a child when his angel saved him from a bullet that came from the barrel of his uncle’s rifle while cleaning it. And throughout his entire life, his guardian angel has always been close by making sure that he lived and to showcased the kind of wisdom that God gave to Solomon. James also tells an incredible story about an ultra-bright light that swallowed him up and carried him into a corridor of the Holy Spirit. During his brief stay in the light, he was washed clean of all of his pain and worries to a point that his soul was set free. During his 37 years as a police officer, the light from the Holy Spirit and a guardian angel who rode the beat with him in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city of Atlanta that kept him safe from all harm and danger. As a young cop, the criminal element knew him by name, and they trembled with fear whenever he showed up on the scene. He retired as one of Atlanta’s most famous cops for being one of the best of “Atlanta’s Finest”. Also, he walked away from three near fatal helicopter crashes in a span of six months without even a nose bleed. During the Vietnam War, his entire combat unit was shipped out to the war, leaving him behind as the lone soldier in Berlin. A year later, his squad of “Company A”, was killed in a battle.  He believes that he would have been one of the casualties if he had been there, primarily because he was the squad leader. But his guardian angel erased his name from the list of soldiers who shipped out. “Echoes of Solomon” is a true story of a life filled with wisdom, and one that is well lived as told by James Campbell, the man who is as wise as Solomon was.