An Exposition of Psalm 119 - Thomas Manton

An Exposition of Psalm 119

By Thomas Manton

  • Release Date: 2013-02-08
  • Genre: Bible Studies


Thomas Manton’s collections of 158 sermons on Psalm 119 is one of the lasting works of the Puritan era. 

Here’s what Spurgeon said on Manton’s exposition of Psalm 119: “Fully up to Manton’s highest mark, and he is well known to have been one of the chief of the Puritan brotherhood. The work is long, but that results only from the abundance of matter.” 

J.C. Ryle championed the republication of Manton’s works in the 19th century. He wrote, 

“Manton’s chief excellence as a writer, in my judgment, consists in the ease, perspicuousness, and clearness of his style. I find it easier to read fifty pages of Manton’s than ten of some of his brethren’s; and after reading, I feel that I carry more away. 

Let no one, moreover, suppose that because Manton’s style is easy, his writings show any lack of matter and thought. Nothing of the kind. The fertility of his mind seems to have been truly astonishing. Every page in his books contains many ideas, and gives you plenty to think about. 

If Manton never soars so high as some writers, he is, at any rate, never trifling, never shallow, never wearisome, and never dull.” 

On Manton’s practical commentary on James, Spurgeon notes: “In Manton’s best style. An exhaustive work, as far as the information of the period admitted. Few such books are written now.”