Korean Onomatopoeia & Mimetic Words - OpenStory Editorial Dept.

Korean Onomatopoeia & Mimetic Words

By OpenStory Editorial Dept.

  • Release Date: 2015-04-23
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


Onomatopoeias are words that phonetically imitate, resemble or suggest the source of the sound that it describes. The most common example is animal noises. 
Mimetic words are expressions that phonetically imitate physical attributes, movements or actions. The most common example is expressions for jumping 껑충껑충(KkeongChungKkeongChung) and 팔짝팔짝  (PalJjakPalJjak)

"Korean Onomatopoeia & Mimetic Words" is an interactive book that helps readers to learn onomatopoeias and mimetic words effectively. 

How to use this book: 
1. Open the book
2. Turn up the volume 
3. Touch a picture 
4. Mimic the sound 
5. Find out the meaning by touching the pencil icon 

The simplicity of this book helps readers to focus on what they see and hear and allows them to understand onomatopoeias and mimetic words with relevant photos. 
By learning onomatopoeias and mimetic words you will understand Korean better when talking about literature, emotion and people.