500 Crazy Questions to Make You Laugh - Wolfgang Riebe

500 Crazy Questions to Make You Laugh

By Wolfgang Riebe

  • Release Date: 2015-05-03
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature



How often have you ended up asking yourself why certain things are done in a certain way?

As an example, 364 days of the year, parents tell their kids not to take candy from strangers, yet on Halloween, its encouraged! Why is that? Or have you ever sat in a movie theatre and wondered, “Which armrest is mine?” Or just enjoyed a good pun such as whether pigs can pull a ham string? Take it further, If you speak only one language, are you lingual?

Maybe you've wondered why songs have certain titles and who questioned why London Bridge fell down? No one ever recalls it doing so? Have you ever drunk a Hawaiian Punch and questioned whether it in fact originated in Hawaii? For the religious out there, have you ever considered how much you can get away with and still go to heaven? Just look at your own body and ask yourself why is it called a funny bone? When if you hit it, it's not funny at all?

Yes, this book is about funny questions, collected from the Internet over a period of years. Some will make you smile, others will actually make you think. If anything, it's a fun read that highlights the insanity of the world we live in today.