Legends, Lore & True Tales of the Chattahoochee - Michelle Smith

Legends, Lore & True Tales of the Chattahoochee

By Michelle Smith

  • Release Date: 2013-09-10
  • Genre: United States


The Chattahoochee Trace in southeast Alabama and west Georgia is steeped in Native, African and early American tradition--stories often deeply rooted in folklore. Unusual beasts such as the Kolowa, the Wampus Cat and even Bigfoot roam the area. Crossroads magic, hoodoo and Huggin' Molly make their homes in the storied region. The Native American trickster rabbit, the Nunnehi Cherokee watchers, the tales of the Indian mounds and the saga of Brookside Drive are forever etched in Chattahoochee lore. From the Creek wars to Indian removal and Sherman's March to the Sea, the legends of "the Hooch" have left an indelible mark on Georgia and Alabama. Join author Michelle Smith as she reveals many of the strange creatures and myths that sing "the Song of the Chattahoochee."