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Summary of "The Wright Brothers"

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Summary of The Wright Brothers by David McCullough | Includes Analysis

David McCullough’s The Wright Brothers is a detailed biographical account of Wilbur and Orville Wright and their journey and achievements in the early, burgeoning world of human aviation. A strong, close-knit family and a natural love for learning and tinkering set the Wright brothers on their path to historical greatness from a young age. Always rife with ingenuity, the Wright brothers preceded their flight endeavors as bicycle mechanics, owning their own successful shop in their hometown of Dayton, Ohio. They absorbed heavy amounts of aviation literature and theory and were inspired by the works of past innovators to solve the issues of human flight and break down the barrier between land and sky.
Wilbur and Orville, who financed their experiments from their meager earnings at the bicycle shop, built their machines from engines, wings and propellers they had to design and manufacture themselves…
PLEASE NOTE: This is a summary and analysis of the book and NOT the original book. 
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  • Amazing analysis!

    By Great2838637
    Reading this detailed biographical account about Wilbur and Orville Wright and their journey and achievements in the early, burgeoning world of human aviation a very great overview of the book. The key points discussed in the book give a deep understand of The Wright Brothers and their joyful journys.
  • Great takeaways

    By Bhuiyan25
    This book is all about transpotation and biographical book by the author "David Mccullough". This is not the original copy of the book of "The Wright Brothers" is a analysis and the takeayaws os those transpotations. I read some summaries from varies types of novels by Instaread those were awesome so here this one is so tactically perfect as analysis book.
  • It shows very accurately the full story

    By Melani Bossio
    I Knew this story slightly, but wanted to know a little more of it. Very good summary, manages to show in great detail the life of the wright brothers. They are a great example to follow, worked hard to achieve what we wanted after a long study and rea.
  • It is an inspiring book.

    By Dian Foster
    Very good book, makes you imagine all the places he describes. Simply this book goes with my personality entrepreneurial type, so if you have that feature this book you will like it as me. It has a touch of innovation to achieve what you want.
  • Great summary

    By SaveYourVote
    This book is a great reference guide for people who would like to know if they want to go and read the original, but it contains so many detail here and in some way that makes it dynamicaly written and interesting. I got inspired by the stories that finally led the Wright brothers to be the first men flying