At the Sheikh's Bidding (Harlequin Comics) - Ryo Arisawa & Chantelle Shaw

At the Sheikh's Bidding (Harlequin Comics)

By Ryo Arisawa & Chantelle Shaw

  • Release Date: 2015-05-27
  • Genre: Women


Erin had worked as a nanny, and when Faisal, her employer, became ill and asked her to marry him, she accepted and then adopted his son, Kazim. After Faisal's death, Zahir, Faisal's brother, suddenly arrives from the kingdom of Qubbah and says that he wants to take in his nephew. She refuses his offer at first, but a certain circumstance compels her to go to Qubbah with her child—without imagining how much humiliation she would face there. Neither would she ever dream of how glamorous and dangerous Zahir was…